Saturday, August 7, 2010

5 days left!

I know many of you have taken advantage of our amazing $2 $4 $6 for 8 sale on our website, for those of you who have not please go have a look, there are some AMAZING deals.

Stickease : $2.00
Level 1 paper packs: $4.00
Level 2 paper packs: $6.00

There are so many level one packs left, I thought I would share some really cool things you can do with them.

Each level one kit includes four pre-printed layouts, 2 extra cardstock pieces, 2 extra patterned paper pieces and two sticker sheets including alphabets! click here for a picture of the contents of a level one pack!

1. Use as is, they are beautiful, coordinated and easy!
2. Give as a gift to a new scrapbooker... they are only $4.00
3. Use in an album for a gift that needs to get done ASAP and time is running out.
4. Use as bases for your scrapbook pages, but elaborate and embellish as much as you want.
5. cut bases into 6x6 squares and use for flip calendar or mini album. the calendar below was made with one level one kit, a flip album, one accessory pack and some extra ribbon.

a. Cover
b. One of the pages
c. Calendar insert

please comment on the post if you have a creative way you have used a level 1 kit!

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