Friday, July 30, 2010

Video Of The Week: Sticky Boy

Sticky boy was the prototype acrylic stamp that was designed when Close To My Heart first developed their Clear Acrylic Stamps. Now he has become an object of desire by the consultants at Conventions and Leadership days. Ladies spend hours and hours (until three am I heard one lady tell me) searching out sticky boy stamps which may be stuck to windows, picture frames, elevator walls or plant holders. It is quite amusing to watch knowing what is going on, but any other people in the hotel must have thought we were nuts looking behind garbage cans and running our hands along the walls everywhere we went. We have three sticky boy stamps and although we did not find any at convention this year, we will keep looking again in Disney Land next year!

Disclaimer: I wouldn't necessary recommend "trying this at home" and cannot be held responsible for any damage done by you to your CTMH stamp sets. LOL. but seriously.

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