Thursday, July 22, 2010

Loving Summer

Oh Summertime, how I adore you!

I love being outside, mosquito bites and all, just soaking up the rays into my pasty white skin.
I love Watching the children frolic in the grass and wade in the cool shores at the beach!

Here is Karissa, I don't remember what she was doing when I took this picture but she just so freaking cute in her little two-piece and flower hat that I brought her back from Vegas that she has barely taken off since then.

The kids were starting to get a little bit restless so we told them to run to the top of the hill and back. They did it at least three times, but it barely tired them out! Karissa was the last one to start running up the hill, and with her long legs (yes, I am a bit envious of them) she was the first one to come back down.

This is Nancy's youngest son Nathan. A couple of times we caught him laying face down in the sand, his entire face covered in sand. I whipped out the camera and all he did was hold his hands out, full of sand, and smiled at me. What a cute kid!

We decided to take the kids Canoeing, Nancy and I took her two boys and my sister out for a ride and went and saw all of the amazing lake side homes in the area. I wish I could live on the Lake, I would never want to leave, we didn't want to leave!

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