Wednesday, April 28, 2010

STUDIO J - 3 most Frequently Asked Questions (and the answers)

Studio J FAQs

Q how to I access studio J

A: its simple just follow these 4 steps:

1. click HERE to go to our website

2. go to the Studio J tab on the left hand side
3. create a FREE account (no credit card info required)
4. PLAY!!!!

Q Once logged into Studio J how do I create a layout

A- Studio J will walk you through five simple steps

1. Upload Photos
- this can take a while so upload only the ones you want to play with. You can go onto the next steps while your photos are uploading

2. Pick a paper pack
- choose from several paper packs including discontinued packs and never seen in print Studio J exclusive packs

3. Pick a Layout
-choose from favorite cherish and Imagine Layouts
- you can search layouts based on the number of photos using the tab in the upper right corner

4. Pick a Kit Mix
-CTMH has graciously put together six preselected paper combinations for you to get started with
-You can swap paper in the customize phase so dont worry if the perfect look for you is not there

5. Customize:
-add stickers (you can even re-size them)
-color embellishments and add more as desired
-add photos (you can re-size, flip, rotate and change to sepia or B&W)
-Add titles and journalling
-Swap paper and distress papers

Q. How long to projects stay archived for?

A. Studio J will save and unfinished projects for up to 90days. However, if you order even one layout before your 90days is up... all of your unfinished projects will be saved for 90days from the purchase date. Purchased projects are saved for one year and may be accessed, re ordered and even edited to suit your needs!

If you have any other questions please leave a comment and I will be happy to find the answer for you!

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