Sunday, June 21, 2009

June Art and Soul on MYCTMH TV

This months Art and Soul Episode features several cute techniques including faux paper tearing, embossing and my favorite; sparkles!!!

I made a card using the faux tearing technique for my little sisters birthday! It was so easy to do... all you do is tear a scrap piece of paper and lay it over the portion of the card you want to be left white, then using your rubber brayer simply apply ink to a desired tone over the unmasked portion of the card. When your done it looks as though you have two layers of cardstock, but it really is only one! in my card i masked the top and used tulip ink with the brayer along the bottom of the card.

I also used the technique from page 27 in our summer idea book to create an embossed foam number for on the card. You choose a larger, patterned stamp (i used Spot On Backgrounds: D1280) and ink the stamp with your Versamark pad. *note: do not stamp the foam number yet! Then heat the foam number and stamp the patterned image onto it while it is still hot and hold for at least three full seconds to allow the foam to take the shape of the stamp set. This creates a cute pattern on the number and gives it texture! In my card I also used the stamp set to give my letter "u" the same pattern in tulip ink!

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