Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tickled Pink- My Experience

I was not sure whether or not I was going to like this promotion, but after five minutes of playing with the sparkly papers and beautiful stamp set I knew I needed more!

This cute four page layout kit really has everything but in, they even give you a sponge tool and teach you how to use both sides of it so that you only need the one to complete the whole project. stamping on the White Daisy Die Cuts was fun, one suggestion I would make is to punch the pieces from the die cut sheet and have a darker piece of scrap under you to be able to clearly see the edges, and if the stamp does not get lined up just right, simply sponge the edges of the flower when your done.

The cutting guide was easy to follow, and I was amazed at how many scraps I had left over! The paper is also nice, and the guide gets you to cut into the non-sparkly pages for using the blue side, so that you have even more dazzling shine left over to use on other projects. Although this paper seems a little girlie, I am going to challenge myself to use it for a page featuring my brothers. If anyone has used this paper in a fun, new, more masculine way I encourage them to send me a photo, and I will post it on our myCTMH site under Art.

The only other thing I want to say about the Tickled Pink Kit, is that it is one of the first promotion items I have used and completed for myself, and it took my maybe four hours start to finish while watching t.v. I did have a couple problems printing my pictures, due to lack of skills on Photoshop, but i think the pages turned out alright in the end.

More Art to come using my extra pieces and the stamp set from Tickled Pink!

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